Which sectors have major impact?

Ensuring a safe future below the 1.5°C mark requires the world to cut 30 gigatonnes greenhouse gas emissions annually by 2030. (UNEP, EGR 2020)

Transport and industry are not enough. We need to cut carbon emissions by managing our land and resources more efficiently, including building smart cities and curbing deforestation and food waste.

To ensure as stable climate and make real on the commitment of the Paris Agreement UNEP has identified six sectors with the potential to reduce emissions enough to keep the world below 2°C, and aiming - to be safe - for 1.5°C, compared to pre-industrial levels. The Six Sector Solution is a roadmap to reducing emissions across key sectors: Energy; Industry; Agriculture and Food; Forests and Land Use; Transport, and Buildings and Cities.

Roadmap for the six key sectors