Goal 12

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Responsible Consumption and Production

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Sustainable growth and development requires minimizing the natural resources and toxic materials used, and the waste and pollutants generated, throughout the entire production and consumption process. Sustainable Development Goal 12 encourages more sustainable consumption and production patterns through various measures, including specific policies and international agreements on the management of materials that are toxic to the environment.

Indicator Tier
12.2.2 Domestic material consumption (DMC) and DMC per capita, per GDP Tier Image Tier I
12.4.1 Number of parties to international multilateral environmental agreements on hazardous waste, and other chemicals that meet their commitments and obligations in transmitting information as required by each relevant agreement Tier Image Tier I
12.c.1 Amount of fossil-fuel subsidies per unit of GDP (production and consumption) Tier Image Tier I
12.1.1 Number of countries developing, adopting or implementing policy instruments aimed at supporting the shift to sustainable consumption and production Tier Image Tier II
12.2.1 Material footprint, material footprint per capita, and material footprint per GDP Tier Image * Tier II
12.3.1(b) Food waste index Tier Image Tier II
12.4.2 (a) Hazardous waste generated per capita; and (b) proportion of hazardous waste treated, by type of treatment Tier Image Tier II
12.5.1 National recycling rate, tons of material recycled Tier Image Tier II
12.6.1 Number of companies publishing sustainability reports Tier Image Tier II
12.7.1 Degree of sustainable public procurement policies and action plan implementation Tier Image Tier II
* Agreed methodology only at global level. Not for country level monitoring.

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