A special compendium of the UNEP Foresight Briefs based on the first 30 issues covering the period from 2017 to 2022. This compendium summarises a range of environmental emerging issues and provides a short description of each issue along with key recommendations.

Also indicated is how the emerging issues link to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), UNEP’s Strategic priorities and focus areas and Global Environmental Monitoring during the 5 year review period. 

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Foresight Briefs highlight a hotspot of environmental change, feature an emerging science topic, or discuss a contemporary environmental issue. They provide a systematic way of examining the possible future outcomes of emerging environmental issues that can also inform decision-making today.

UNEP’s Foresight Briefs aim to present emerging issues, systemic insights, and possible policy solutions on a wide range of topics related to our environment in a short readable document.

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UNEP Foresight,Emerging Issues and Futures

UNEP Foresight is focused on emerging environmental issues and that global problems and challenges faced. In order to address interconnected and complex global challenges, systems thinking, simulation modeling and horizon scanning approaches are used and through our analysis provide policy insights.


Foresight BriefsForesight Briefs

Presenting emerging issues, systemic insights, and possible policy solutions.  

UN System Informal Strategic Foresight Network (HLCP)UN System Informal Strategic
Foresight Network (HLCP)

Proposals for UNEP's collaboration in the High-Level Committee on Programmes, Informal Strategic Foresight Network.

Foresight ProjectsForesight Projects

Monitoring the Illegal Killing of Elephants (MIKE) Population Dynamics Modeling. Climate-related security risk modeling.

Recently Published Foresight Briefs


The 30th Edition of the Foresight Brief considers the environmental impact of the increasing use of charcoal as a source of energy and in metallurgical applications.

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Are you a global thinker with expertise on an emerging environmental issue and interested in authoring a Foresight Brief? If so, please contact us at unep.foresight@un.org